Garcinia Cambogia Product Review

garcddPeople have been struggling for years to keep up with diets and supplements in the hopes of shedding excess weight. Most of them have been unsuccessful in their quest as the diets causes more harm than good.

Supplements on the other hand promise tall tales of suppressing ones appetite to reduce the food and calorie intake. Unfortunately, few of these dietary supplements actually work; some are riddled with severe side effects.

Garcinia cambogia is a fairly new extract in the health and fitness world that has been kicking up quite a buzz. This is due to the many good factors attached to it which has made supplements manufacturers include it as one of their main ingredients.

What it is

Garcinia cambogia is a healthy tropical fruit from Indonesia that is rich in iron, thiamine, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorous and niacin. The fruit extracts from this plant is being included to make dietary supplements that help cut down weight.

How it works

Its skin contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA, a compound that is used as an extract to reduce appetite causing one to eat less food. This prevents the storage of fat in the body making it a big player in weight loss supplements industry.


Research on animals and humans has shown positive results in the extract’s ability to inhibit the storage of excess food as fat. This has been aided by eating a low calorie diet while taking this supplement. This means that if one doesn’t watch their diet, no significant change in their weight is going to be recorded.

It has also been noted that it has the effect of increasing the energy levels that enable one exercise for longer periods. However, do not expect miracles from this extract because like every weight loss regimen, patience and persistence is required.

Dosage and Side effects

Too much of everything is poisonous which is why the intake of natural extracts has to be regulated too. This can save lives especially for a strong one like garcinia cambogia to ensure safety. Read the manufacturers labels keenly to learn what other ingredients are included in your supplement and what amount of this fruit extract has been used.

Although there is no appropriate dosage for this fruit extract, a few factors have to be considered to determine the appropriate one. These include the health of the person in question and their age. It is also important to take into consideration any other drugs you are taking to avoid interaction. For example, studies have shown that garcinia cambogia interacts with asthma, diabetes, and anemia drugs hence seek medical help.

It is also the responsibility of any user to learn more of the dosage used by a manufacturer to avoid overdosing. This is necessary more so since this particular one is categorized as a supplement and not medicine. For this reason, regulatory bodies like FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can’t touch it. This means users are more or less alone in this thus; your safety is in your hands.

Engaging the services of your local physician in this matter is also advisable as they keep up with medical news. This can save you the hassle of having to find out the hard way about a supplement’s side effect. They also get to monitor you closely during the first few weeks when you begin use. Keeping you under observation makes your doctor aware and hence prepared in case of an emergency.

Recorded side effects from some users include headaches, nausea, stomach upsets and diarrhea. Still, not everyone experiences these side effects (or any other for that matter) making it a unique occurrence.


Seek out reviews from other users

Rave reviews for this product are many and can easily be found online from people who have been using this extract as a dietary supplement. Different changes have been recorded for various people from small to significant weight losses. These positive reviews don’t lie, therefore, to get an insight into the working mechanisms of garcinia cambogia, take the time to read them.


When all is said and done, no supplement can help you shed weight by itself so forget that lazy approach. Focus instead on staying healthy by feeding well on healthy low calorie foods and working out every other day. Leading an active life is especially essential for people who sit behind a computer day in day out. However, if you must, always strive to be a savvy buyer to avoid ending up in the emergency ward.


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